From the Uslan Vault of DC History, Ch. 7 by Michael Uslan

Batman's Greates "B-List" Villains!


The Top 10 “B-List” Batman Villains!

10) The Alien Who Killed Robin: OK, so he was imaginary. But he still is remembered fir killing Robin. And look at his design! You’d almost think Frank Miller or Neal Adams created him!


9) The Original Clayface: OK, so he was merely an insane actor. Isn’t everyone in Hollywood?


8) The Bat-Ape: So, Gorillas sell in comic books. If Superman could have Titano, why can’t Batman have his own Kong? Pick one…

7) The Gorilla Boss of Gotham City: So if Batman has a Bat-Ape, does it not make sense to have a Gorilla Boss in Gotham City?

6) The Outsider: So, maybe a bit of a fraud, but to those of us falling in love with The “New Look” Batman, he was mysterious and spooky!

5) Tweedledee and Tweedledum: Seriously, picture Alan Moore turning this stupid, silly, dumb villain duo into something horrifying, freakish, pathetic, and sick! I contend that Tweedledee and Tweedledum could return to the rogues gallery of The Dark Knight!

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4) The Phantasm: Ah, so who cares about “frauds” or one-shot appearances? All that matters is that this villain turned up in arguably the best story ever told in the media of Batman!

3) The Composite Superman: That’s right! This guy was not just a Superman villain but he was also equally a Batman villain, and I always thought the name truly should have been “The Composite Batman!”

2) The Dragon Society: The scariest, coolest, creepiest villains as far as I was concerned when I was reading Batman as a little kid! Let’s bring these guys back!

1) The Reaper: This was my runner-up to best Batman comic book story ever! Another “fraud” and one shot villain…at least that’s how he was intended. But again, who the hell cares? This story sticks with me even to this day!


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