THE BATMAN Isn’t Titled THE BATMAN…Unless It Is (Or Isn’t)


For the last couple of years, we’ve called what is now Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman film THE BATMAN.  Of course, it started to be called that back when Ben Affleck was still going to write/direct/produce/star in it.

But it looks like, maybe, that it’ll end up being titled something else.

Unless it isn’t, of course.

Via his Twitter, Daniel Richtman — AKA @DanielRPK — posted a listing from what I believe is PRODUCTION WEEKLY for an “Untitled Batman Project.”  Check it out…


Three things:

One, you can see that it’s no longer referred to as THE BATMAN.  So, this could mean that Reeves is going to title his film something else.

Secondly, it’s listed as an “open project” with several jobs on the film — significant ones at that — are listed as “open.”

Finally, one of the production companies listed is 6th & Idaho which is Matt Reeves’ production company.  That means that this listing is indeed Reeves’ Batman movie.

While I like “The Batman” as a title, I’m not married to it.  If Reeves wants to title it something else, fine by me.  One more thing…

I’m feeling really good about this project and that’s all I’ll say right now (and this has nothing to do with the report at hand). Stay tuned…like really stay tuned! – Bill “Jett” Ramey