OPINION: Casting Crisis: Time For A Talk People! by Justin Lee





All three suffered at the hands of fan outrage before filming ever begun on their respective projects.

All three (mostly) were celebrated after the fact to varying degrees.

How does that happen?

What creates the fan outrages that can circle a film before the cameras have even begun rolling?

I’d argue that most fans automatically dismiss a casting simply because of aesthetic reasons or due to unfamiliarity with the actor.

Let’s take some strides to overcome that pitfall, shall we?

Matt Reeves has been eyeing a younger actor to don the cowl. Supposed “short lists” have been circulating social media as well as many legitimate trade publications. Some of the actors that are being eyed according to rumors have been pretty contentious amongst fans. One of them could break the internet if he is cast.

In the interest of helping fans become more acquainted with these actors; I’ve compiled a list of films from each actor’s body of work so that people can form an educated opinion. The actors listed below were chosen because they were the names that are consistently brought up from numerous sources to be up for the role.

Armie Hammer

Considering he was cast as Batman in George Miller’s JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL, Hammer could have a good shot at snagging the role yet again. Honestly, he is a solid choice. Fans mostly want him in the role. Why not? He has that “Bruce Wayne look,” he’s a BIG dude, and he also has some great acting chops. We’d be lucky to have him.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. – Armie is the highlight of this film. If you want to see how Armie fares in a blockbuster, watch this.

The Social Network – Probably his “breakout” role for most people, Armie gets to flex his more cerebral muscles.

Mine – While the film may be riddled with cliches, it’s essentially a one-man show. That takes a lot of talent to pull off convincingly.

Jack O’Connell

This is one of those contentious choices I mentioned earlier.

For the most part, fans haven’t been too kind to Jack. Most complaints are purely based on aesthetic preferences, not his acting abilities. While he hasn’t really broken through with American audiences, he is very well received across the pond.

Starred Up – If you want to see what Jack can bring to the table you can stop here. It’s intense but never loses its dramatic weight.

Godless – Jack really shows his chops portraying a man haunted by his past. Sound familiar?

Kit Harrington

Obviously, Kit is mostly known for Game of Thrones, which he is great in. Honestly, this is the choice I have the hardest time visualizing as Batman. He doesn’t have a huge body of work and has only played one type of role. Granted, he plays that role REALLY well.

Game of Thrones – Jon Snow is arguably the heart of the entire series. Kit gets to play with great action scenes while also dealing with a truly emotional arc.

Aaron-Taylor Johnson

Aaron is one of those actors that can be incredibly vanilla or so good that he takes your breath away. While that seems like a back-handed compliment, I seriously think this guy could be a good pick.

Nocturnal Animals – Aaron is completely unrecognizable in this film. The menace he oozes is completely through dialogue and looks, but somehow he is one of the most frightening villains ever put on screen.

Robert Pattinson

Here is the internet breaker, folks!

Which is sad because Pattinson has starred in some fantastic films.

Yes, he played Edward in the Twilight franchise, but he has long since surpassed that role and has really thrived in indie films. Much like Jake Gyllenhaal, each one of his performances is different than the last. Whoever gets the role needs to be a great actor first and foremost.

Make no mistake, Pattinson is that great actor. Personally, I hope he gets the part.

Good Time – For everyone that is worried about Pattinson not being able to shake the shine from his Twilight role, this is a perfect palate cleanser.

The Lost City Of Z – Pattinson loses himself in another role. It’s not what you would really expect to be considered an amazing performance. He doesn’t act over-the-top. The subtleness is what sells it.

Cosmopolis – A 28-year-old billionaire slowly deconstructs from being a cold, business executive to being more human. C’mon that takes chops. Plus, he looks like Bruce Wayne the entire time.

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There you have it. Now each and every one of you can see what each of these actors could bring to the table. With all of the past “outrages” that have been invalidated, can we all please learn to wait until a trailer is at least released before we lose our heads?

Just relax and enjoy the ride! – Justin Lee