Ralph Fiennes Wants to Play Alfred in a Live-Action Batman Movie


Technically, Ralph Fiennes has played Alfred Pennyworth as he’s the voice of “Lego Alfred” in THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE.

Now, the British thesp says he’d be keen on playing Batman’s butler/partner/surrogate father in a live-action film.

“Yes, yes, I’d love to be Alfred,” said Fiennes when asked if interested by HEY U GUYS.  “Lots of good people have gone before me, so I’d be happy to follow in their footsteps.”

Here’s a rundown of the actors who have previously played Alfred on (live-action) film or TV over the years… William Austin (THE BATMAN 1943 serial), Alan Napier (BATMAN 1960s TV series), Michael Gough (BATMAN ’89 and its 3 sequels), Ian Abercrombie, (BIRDS OF PREY TV series), Michael Caine (THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY), Sean Pertwee (GOTHAM TV series), and Jeremy Irons (BATMAN v SUPERMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE).

Jack Bannon is portraying the character in the upcoming PENNYWORTH TV series

Fiennes again reiterated that he’d “love to do it,” looked into the camera and said, “Put that out there!”

So, would you like to see Ralph Fiennes play Alfred in Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN?  Post your thoughts in the comments section below! – Bill “Jett” Ramey