My Favorite DETECTIVE COMICS Issues & Stories


In celebration of issue #1,000 of DETECTIVE COMICS — and Batman’s 80th anniversary as well — below you’ll find my personal favorite single issues/story arcs from this absolute classic American comic book…in chronological order.

#27 (1939)

While “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate” is a cool little noir crime story, DC #27 is on this list because 1) It has an awesome and iconic over, and 2) It’s where “Batman” all began!

#38 (1940)

In order to lighten up Batman, Richard “Dick” Grayson — the very first Robin — is introduced.  And thus, one of the very first — and arguably the most famous of the “superhero sidekicks” — was born.

#156 (1950)

The first high-tech Batmobile and the granddaddy of all the ones we’ve seen in the comics, animation, and, of course, live-action to this day.

#235 (1956)

We all know that Bruce Wayne’s father — Thomas Wayne — is the Batman of the FLASHPOINT universe.  However, in this issue of DC, we learn that TW was actually “The First Batman.”

This comic book story was adapted into one of the best episodes of the animated Batman series BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, “Chill of the Night!


#327 (1964)


In “The Mystery of the Menacing Mask”, Batman’s “New Look” — via the great Batman artist Carmine Infantino — debuted…as did an entirely new direction for Batman comics via new editor Julius Schwartz.

Adam West as Batman in “BATMAN”

“The New Look Batman” influenced the look of Adam West’s Batman in the 1960s TV series.

#439 (1974)

In this dialogue-less story, The Batman witnesses a couple being shot dead in front of their young child.  As a result, Batman flashes-back to a very similar event years ago that inspired him to become, well, The Batman.

Arguably, this just might be the single best Batman comic book story of all-time.