CATWOMAN #11 Review by John Funderburg


SYNOPSIS: Asking the question, “Who is Selina Kyle?” has gotten folks hurt in the past…but this time it’s Selina asking about herself. Meanwhile, the disgraced Creel family are marshaling their resources to make a return to Villa Hermosa and claw their way back to the top.

Ready… Set… Action!

Catwoman #11 is set right on the heels of #10 – Selina’s friend Carlos is locked in a speeding armored vehicle and Selina is striving to rescue him, giving chase on a motorcycle.  High speed and perilous antics keep the pages turning, all culminating in a big splash at a red carpet movie premiere.

Breaking up the action to further the plot is the Creel family, continuing to strive for relevance and power in Villa Hermosa.  Adam Creel isn’t looking too good these days, his brother wants nothing to do with the corrupt nature of their mother, and fallen detective Yilmaz takes matters into his own hands.

Strange goings-on are afoot here, and while that may frustrate readers who want an immediate payoff, I’m actually happy with the cadence of these issues.  Scribe Joëlle Jones does an excellent job of balancing story and action; she’s also allowing the story to have some breathing room without cramming too much into a single issue.

Soup to nuts, this is the action sequence part of this storyline, and it’s a ton of fun.  The pages containing the car chase are well-conceived and brilliantly executed.   It’s popcorn fare at its finest.

The art by Fernando Blanco and Hugo Petrus is striking, and the action panels are dynamic and fluid, but I’m waiting for Jones’ flawless art to grace us with its presence again, which I’m certain will happen in the future (hopefully).  For now, we can tide ourselves over with her cover art, which is GORGEOUS (you could also pick up the variant cover by Artgerm, which is outstanding – he’s been killing it with his variant covers since Catwoman #1).

So that’s it!  Another rollicking, escapist issue from Jones and company that’s sure to please. – John Funderburg


Grade: B+