The Memorial Day 2019 BOF Mailbag


Welcome to the Memorial Day 2019 BOF mailbag!

Thanks for all your questions and keep those cards and letters coming!

And please remember the REAL reason for Memorial Day — A of remembrance for everyone who has died serving in the American armed forces.  Also, I salute my son who is serving today in the U.S. Air Force.

Now, let’s get to those questions! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

JETT SAYS: Well, for one thing, the regime behind BvS and JUSTICE LEAGUE is gone and I believe they’ve righted the ship under Toby Emmerich and Walter Hamada.  Also, Matt Reeves only signed on once he was guaranteed creative control and would be able to see his vision of a Batman film through.  Remember, Reeves once walked away from negotiations and basically said, “If you hire me for Batman, here’s how we’re going to do it.”  I’m feeling pretty good that WB won’t be meddling in THE BATMAN.

How long do you think it’ll be until we start hearing casting news for the other primary members of the cast to work alongside Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne (i.e. New Alfred, Gordon, Selina, main villains)?

JETT SAYS: It’s imminent.

JETT SAYS: I’ve got no idea man. I can’t fathom it being something so extreme or negative that it fundamentally changes the Batman character.

With the restructuring of the DC movies after the failure of BATMAN v SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE, what’s going on with THE FLASH? Is Ezra Miller still in the role or will he leave too? Also, haven’t heard much about a Green Arrow movie after the whole SUPERMAX idea. Did that fall through? Are they still planning a movie at all?

JETT SAYS: I’m leery of a Flash film being made — have been and continue to be.  If one is ever made, I’m 99.9% sure it won’t include Ezra Miller.  As far as a Green Arrow movie, I do not believe there are any plans to make one.

JETT SAYS: Possibly — though I’m not sure that WB is ready to give up on THE LEGO MOVIE franchise.  As much as I’d love to see another installment of Lego Batman on film, the first one was such a perfect love letter to Batman and Batman history, maybe it’s best to not do a sequel.

How radical an idea would it be to have a Batman movie without a supervillain?

JETT SAYS: I don’t think that’s too radical as most of Batman’s rogues gallery members don’t have superpowers.  If you’re suggesting a made-up bad guy that’s not technically a “supervillain” — like a corrupt mayor/businessman or a mob boss — that possibly could work.  But again, with Batman having such a great rogues gallery you can do that without creating a character.

JETT SAYS: I do. Matt Reeves has said that a rogues gallery will exist in THE BATMAN, so it’s very likely.  I’d love to see Hugo Strange in a Batman movie riffing off his STRANGE APPARATIONS comeback in DETECTIVE COMICS back in the late 70s.

JETT SAYS: Possible, but doubtful due to the reason you mentioned: The Joker is THAT important to the Batman mythos.  When it comes to the general audience, I don’t think that they’ll be turned off by another version of The Joker on film.  All they care is about is good movies; and if one of Reeves’ Batman films includes The Joker and it’s good, that’s all that’ll matter.

Somewhere down the road, we’ll get another [animated Batman series]. Are there any characters or stories from the last 20 years you’d like to see included in this hypothetical animated series?

JETT SAYS: Geez, I think you’ve stumped me here.  I’m going through all the animated series since BTAS as well as some of the newer comic book stories and I can’t think of any!  So I’m going to toss it back to you and the readers Rob: Who would you all like to see included in a new animated Batman series that haven’t been used before?  Tell me in the comments below!

JETT SAYS: Brother, I’m not good at fan-casting, so I try my best not to participate in that endeavor.  Just give me good damn actors for these roles and I’m good.

As far as what type of “look” Robert Pattinson should have if he’s indeed cast?  How about a Bruce Wayne/Batman look? 😁

With the focus being put on streaming services (DC Universe app, Disney Plus, Netflix, etc) and given the lower budget and smaller scale of Batman compared to other superheroes, how likely is that we’d get a Batman film debuting on a streaming service instead of in theaters?

JETT SAYS: Probably never — or at least not anytime in the near future.

Where will THE BATMAN be filmed? Any chance there will be some on-location filming in Brooklyn and will we see Arkham Asylum again?

JETT SAYS: Apparently they will be filming in the UK.  With THE BATMAN featuring a rogues gallery, I suspect we’ll see Arkham again.

Hi Bill, is there anything you know or can say about a Superman movie in the future. Have a great Memorial Day

JETT SAYS: I know nothing about a Superman movie and I do not think one is a priority for Warner Bros. right now.  I believe Henry Cavill’s run is done and we’ll likely get a reboot at some point in the future — just not anytime soon.

I will just get to the point: Richard E. Grant for Alfred and Vanessa Hudgens for Catwoman. Have you heard some rumblings about this?

JETT SAYS: Nope.  I’m pretty sure the Vanessa Hudgens thing is totally made-up.

If [THE BATMAN] is a success, what are the possibilities of Matt Reeves doing a series of Batman movies especially in a style of the HARRY POTTER movies? Would like to hear your thoughts.

JETT SAYS: I expect Matt Reeves to make 3 Batman movies — if the first one is a success, of course.  I don’t see him making 8 or 9 movies like the HARRY POTTER franchise.

If a Batman movie underperforms do you think WB might give in and allow for a live-action Batman on TV?

JETT SAYS: That’s possible.  But it would really have to be a bigtime disappointment for WB to put the film franchise on ice and turn to TV.