JOKER 2: STILL CRAZY AND IMAGINING STUFF is in the Works at Warner Bros.


UPDATE: Not so fast my friend?  This story has been updated.  Click on the link for the update and the original report is below.

In Hollywood, money does indeed talk — good idea or not.

Thus, it appears that we will be getting more of Arthur Fleck’s imaginary shenanigans on the big screen.

Per THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, JOKER director Todd Phillips will develop a sequel to JOKER and will likely reteam with star Joaquin Phoenix.


Furthermore, the trade reports that Phillips proposed the idea of making several original story films based on DC Characters.  Warner Bros. boss Toby Emmerich declined that offer, but Phillips did get the OK to develop another DC film in addition of JOKER 2: STILL CRAZY AND DELUSIONAL — though it won’t have anything to do with Batman.

I’m on record saying that JOKER was brilliant. and that brilliance was mainly due to the fact that the film was created as an ambiguous one-off with what “really happened” left up to the interpretation of each individual viewer.

I’m also on record saying that JOKER shouldn’t get a sequel.  But as I said previously, money talks.

Oh well, JOKER — promised not to be a “typical comic book movie” — is now just that.

With that said, I’ll keep an open mind when it comes to this project and judge it when I eventually see it — even though I truly don’t see a reason for a JOKER sequel other than the almighty dollar.  However, I am interested in this other DC film project that Phillips will be cooking up.

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