Costume Designer Talks THE BATMAN

Robert Pattinson as Batman mock-up by John Regan

THE BATMAN‘s costume designer, Jacqueline Durran, has spoken just a tad about her upcoming project — which she’s probably been working on for a while now since principal commences on 1/13/20.

Via DEADLINE, — here’s what she had to say about director Matt Reeves’ film…

Jacqueline Durran (Vianney La Caer/Deadline Hollywood/Shutterstock)

DEADLINE: You’re next taking on THE BATMAN, a film unlike any you’ve worked on before. What excited you about this project?

DURRAN: I think it’s all about new worlds, really. What Matt Reeves’ Gotham is going to look like, and what the world that he’s creating around Batman is going to be, working that out — working out the characters, and the logic of that world — that’s the attraction of it.

It is like a myth, isn’t it? It’s something that just repeats, and you can repeat it because you can change it — just like LITTLE WOMEN is changing, depending on which era we’re making it.

This is interesting mainly due to one thing she said: “…depending on which era we’re making it.”

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Could THE BATMAN be straight-up set in an earlier decade like, maybe the 1970s?  Or could the era it’s set in be ambiguous with an aesthetic that combines/mixes all sorts of things from various different decades?

I may be wrong, but I’m thinking it just might be the latter.

Unless it isn’t.

Fun times are ahead BOF’ers!

THE BATMAN hits theaters on June 25, 2021.  To stay up to date — and maybe even catch up — on all TB news, check out BOF’s Everything About THE BATMAN Page!  And remember…

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(Thanks to BOF’er John Regan for the heads up!)