RUMOR: The Joker to Appear in New Batman Film Trilogy


File this under “NO SH*T!”

According to Daniel Richtman via, director Matt Reeves plans for a new version of The Joker to appear in subsequent sequels to THE BATMAN and will be referenced in the first film of a planned Batman on film trilogy.  The report also said casting for the role has not begun — probably because the character won’t actually appear in THE BATMAN.

Yeah, I know I was being a smarty pants at the beginning of this article, but I totally buy Richtman’s report and I am on the record saying that Reeves will use The Joker at some point in one of his Batman films.

Also, I’ve pondered the idea that The Joker might be mentioned in THE BATMAN.  Reeves has said that while Batman in THE BATMAN is in the early stage of his career, his rogues’ gallery exists.  Thus, one could conclude that The Joker is lurking somewhere in Gotham City during the events of THE BATMAN.

Look, The Joker is the greatest comic book villain in history, is immensely popular amongst the general audience, and has been included in three tremendously successful films — BATMAN (1989), THE DARK KNIGHT (2008), and JOKER (2018).  Not only does it make business sense to include The Joker, but the character should and must appear in any incarnation of Batman for it to be considered “definitive.” – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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