Yeah, Robert Pattinson Really IS Working Out For THE BATMAN


If you’re one of the people who got upset when Robert Pattinson said (via an interview with GQ) he was was “just barely doing anything” in regards to working out/exercising for his role as Batman in, well, THE BATMAN, consider yourself TROLLED.

And I’m not going to say BOF told you so, but BOF TOLD YOU SO!

It was a bit, and A LOT of people — including many in the movie vlogging/blogging/pundit community — did as well (or faked outrage all in the name of getting those clicks and hits).

Did anyone who raged against Pattinson realize that he messes with people during interviews all the time?  Do they not realize that he even goofs on his castmates and directors?   ANYWAY

In an interview with HEALTHY FOR MEN, Pattinson reveals what he’s really doing to prep for THE BATMAN.  Here’s a bit of his regime…

  • Boxing and “military-style sandbag routines on the beach.”
  • Run 5-10km (3-6 miles) three to four times per week.
  • For abs/core, RP starts with five minutes of cardio followed by bicycle crunches, dumbbell side bends, double crunches, and “Supermans” — three sets of 25 reps per move.

This is in addition to weight/strength training.  Keep in mind that RP built and maintained the physique that THE BATMAN director Matt Reeves wanted.  If Reeves had wanted Robert to bulk up more, he would have.  This is no different than how Christopher Nolan wanted Christian Bale to look in the films of THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY, or how Zack Snyder wanted Ben Affleck super-jacked (ala Frank Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS Batman) in BATMAN v SUPERMAN.

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Pattinson also said the following about the physical prep for the role…

It’s all about pushing boundaries and building up to a point where you know you can do justice to the physicality required. And past that, so much of it is letting the special effects and on-screen exchanges produce the real magic. Overall, it’s just very exciting.

So can we end this “Robert Pattinson doesn’t care about the role of Batman!” nonsense, please?  He’s working out, he’s in shape, and yes, he cares deeply about the role of Batman.

THE BATMAN’s Batmobile and Robert Pattinson as Batman

“I love the history of the part. I love every iteration of how it’s been played,” Pattinson said to Willie Guiest during an interview for TODAY.  “I love – it’s a very, very special part.”

It’s a very special part indeed.  Sounds like a man who knows and reveres it. – Bill “Jett” Ramey