The June 2020 BOF Mailbag #2


Let’s get right to it folks…

A Flash movie has been in development limbo for 10+ years now. How certain is this Keaton casting news, and would an official announcement of his casting also mean the picture is finally been greenlighted? Also, what are the chances of Ezra Miller returning for the role?

JETT SAYS: The announcement in the trade was pretty much an official announcement by WB (they worked with the trade on the story).  So yeah, the film is going to happen.  As far as Ezra Miller returning, as far as I know, that’s the plan — though I personally would like the see the part recast or “BATMAN FOREVER‘ed,” if you will.

Hey Jett, did you ever think Michael Keaton would ever come back to the Batman Franchise?

JETT SAYS: I’m not going to lie and say that I did, so nope, never thought it would happen.  Now, I hoped that if they ever did a THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS or BATMAN BEYOND adaption on film, they’d try to get Keaton back, but still, didn’t think it would happen.  I’m very happy about this!

Do you think FLASHPOINT will be nothing but shallow fan service?

JETT SAYS: It certainly could be if not done correctly.  But I’m pretty sure they are not going that route.

What does the new Catwoman suit look like and will she be referred to as “Catwoman?”

JETT SAYS: No comment on question #1 and I don’t know about question #2, but I think she will be.

JETT SAYS: I don’t think Pfeiffer will cameo in FLASHPOINT — that would be entering “shallow fan service” territory.  And yes, I believe the new “DCEU” Bruce Wayne will be Keaton’s Batman — and all the history and continuity that goes with it.

God forbid if the pandemic is too bad later this year and next year to go to the movies.  Do you think WB has a plan to release new major blockbuster movies through streaming services or VOD?

JETT SAYS: Man, how can they not — you know what I mean?  I’m sure they are planning for a variety of alternate release options.

With the Keaton news, do you think we’ll see any nods to Burton’s films in The Flash movie? Something along the lines of a glimpse of the ’89 Batmobile in the Batcave?

JETT SAYS: I don’t know how the heck you can’t have at least the Batmobile make an appearance!

JETT SAYS: I’m almost sure that Two-Face was in the film and then cut out upon subsequent script rewrites/polishes.  So there’s a chance that Harvey Dent is already Two-Face in THE BATMAN, though we might not see him.  Or perhaps he’ll be a surprise?

Given the recent announcement [of Keaton reprising his role of Bruce Wayne/Batman], do you think there is definitely scope for confusion among the mainstream audience as to there being two different live-action Batmen occupying the same cinematic space?

JETT SAYS: Confusion?  No, not at all.  The mainstream audience doesn’t really care about continuity, etc.  The only thing I’m just a tad concerned about is “Batman oversaturation.”  However, Keaton’s return is very different than having 2 different solo Batman film series taking place concurrently.  It looks as if Keaton’s Bat-role after FLASHPOINT will be as a mentor to a successor…like Batgirl.

Who you think is the best “Dark and Brooding” Batman on screen and why?

JETT SAYS: Well, that’s clearly Keaton’s Batman in B89 and BATMAN RETURNS.  Why?  Because that’s what he did — he went around being all dark and stuff and brooded up a storm.

JETT SAYS: As I’ve said, I don’t think they are going to overdo it with cute cameos as it would come off as pandering to fans.

Assuming the rumors of Keaton remaining in the “DCEU” long term are true, do you expect that they would give him Batfleck’s (Jeremy Irons) Alfred and (J.K. Simmons) Commissioner Gordon, or just exclude those characters completely from his appearances in films?

JETT SAYS: Neither will be back.  With FLASHPOINT “resetting the timeline,” the Keaton Batman’s Alfred and Gordon passed away long ago.

What is the actual endgame with Keaton’s return? Are they going to use FLASHPOINT to retroactively make Keaton the DCEU Batman instead of Affleck, and erase BvS and JL from continuity?

JETT SAYS: From what I’ve been told, basically, yes.  Also, they’ll be able to do, say, a Batgirl movie with Keaton moving into a mentor role and that Bat-character becoming the Bat-figure of the reset “DCEU.”

JETT SAYS: I think they are still dotting I’s and crossing the T’s in regards to Keaton right now, but yeah, it’s very close to being done — if not, WB wouldn’t have worked with THE WRAP on the Keaton’s returning story.  As far as Burton returning to direct a Bat-film of some sorts, well, I can’t say it won’t happen, but I think it’s very unlikely.

If ZSJL becomes a success, what do you think AT&T/WB will do with that in terms of the choices the studio makes for DC on film? In other words, will the studio consider making any changes in course/continuity for future films based on the results of the ZSJL movie?

JETT SAYS: What makes you think it’s going to be some huge success in the first place?  BATMAN v SUPERMAN was a failure that turned off the general audience.  So much so, they didn’t show up to see JUSTICE LEAGUE (No, it wasn’t because of the drama/reshoots — they just didn’t give a damn about it).

From what I’ve been told, Zack Snyder’s JUSTICE LEAGUE is a one-off to help prop up HBO Max.  Even if a lot of people watch it, the Snyderverse is over.

JETT SAYS: THE BATMAN?  Escuché que la filmación se reanudará en el Reino Unido a principios de julio. ¡Dedos cruzados!

JETT SAYS: Absolutely they did and yes.

Does Zoe’s Catwoman’s catsuit even have the cat ears? Is it comic book accurate or completely its own thing?

JETT SAYS: Yes and, well, you’ll see soon enough.  It fits the world of THE BATMAN and the depiction of the character — as well as the actor playing her — very well.

Which character aside from Batman and the car themselves are you most excited to get a proper look at in an officially released image from Matt Reeves?

JETT SAYS: The Penguin.

JETT SAYS: See my above answer to a question en español!

I remember hearing a rumor that Nolan and Bale walked into Burbank around the time of George Miller’s JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL and told WB that “Only one Batman movie is getting made.” and walked out. I’m starting to get the idea that Mr. Reeves doesn’t have that kind of pull. Have you heard anything about what he thinks of all this Keaton/Flashpoint stuff? He played well when he had to toe the Affleck line but by now he has to be fed up with this type of stuff right?

JETT SAYS: Nothing will interfere with what Matt Reeves wants to do/has planned for THE BATMAN and its sequels.  Reeves will be in charge of the only solo live-action BATMAN on film endeavor for the next decade.

JETT SAYS: Is there a lot of Batman throughout various forms of media?  Yes.  And that makes sense because Batman is an extremely popular character.  With that said Matt, keep in mind that only Batman on live-action film is really in the consciousness of the broad, general audience.

I’m sure they are somewhat aware that Robert Pattinson is the new Batman on film, but I doubt that “most people” know about Keaton returning.

BATWOMAN has a very small TV audience and is viewed mostly by fans, not the mainstream — it’s a niche show.  The DC animated movies and comics are for a specific audience as well.  And frankly, do you really think that millions of people in the general audience are aware of, much less care about, ZSJL?

Batman is hugely popular, yes.  But a lot of Batman fandom is in a bubble, to be honest.  Keep in mind that “Batmania” has only happened 3 times to date: In 1966 over the BATMAN TV series; in 1989 over the BATMAN movie; and in 2008 with the release of THE DARK KNIGHT.  Can it happen again?  I think so.  But it’s rare and takes place only with very special events/circumstances.

What do you think is more likely to happen: a BATMAN BEYOND movie or Keaton mentoring Batgirl in a movie of her own? Putting Keaton in the rumored mentor position and not going ahead with Beyond seems like a wasted opportunity, but it’s ultimately up to the studio.

JETT SAYS: I’ll put it this way…

I think an inspired-by adaptation of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS with a Batgirl instead of Carrie Kelly’s Robin sounds pretty darn cool.

JETT SAYS: From what I know, long enough for the script to get a rewrite to include Keaton’s Batman from B89/RETURNS.  Apparently, they considered the Thomas Wayne “Flashpoint Batman,” as well as the older versions of Bruce from THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and KINGDOM COME.  Ultimately, they went with the Keaton idea because he was game to do it.

I do think we’ll see him as Batman in FLASHPOINT, yes.  Heard it may be an “updated” armored one with a KINGDOM COME vibe.

Seeing this weighs on Barry going BACK in time to save his mother, that puts us just beyond the timeline for BATMAN RETURNS, so If he runs into Keaton/Wayne/Batman, wouldn’t Keaton be close to his age from RETURNS, not his older/current age?

JETT SAYS: Well Mike, it’s a fictional movie, so they can do anything they want!  However, it’s more about him F’ing up things and creating a new reality.  Thus, we the timeline is “restored,” Keaton’s Batman from B89 and RETURNS — albeit an older, 70-year-old, version of that Dark Knight will be the universe’s Batman/Bruce Wayne.