TRADE REPORT: Keaton Will Suit Up as Batman in FLASHPOINT


According to THR‘s HEAT VISION, Michael Keaton will not just play an older Bruce Wayne in THE FLASH/FLASHPOINT, but will suit up as Batman as well.

This jibes with the info that BOF has received about Keaton’s appearance in the film — which is way more than a simple cameo as some might expect.  Also, if a deal can be made, Keaton’s Batman/Bruce Wayne will likely be used to springboard another solo Bat-centric movie featuring another member of the Batman Family (Batgirl, perhaps?).

The THRHV blurb also confirms that the Thomas Wayne “Flashpoint Batman” — played by Jeffery Dean Morgan in a BATMAN v SUPERMAN cameo — is not in the script and will not appear in the film.  BOF can confirm the idea was kicked around at some point — and allegedly, so was the KINGDOM COME and THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS versions of Bruce Wayne/Batman — but was nixed once the return of Keaton’s Batman became possible.

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It’s going to be really cool seeing Keaton in a Batsuit again!  Of course, what kind of Batsuit he’ll be sporting remains to be seen.  One with a KINGDOM COME vibe, maybe?

THE FLASH is currently scheduled for a June 1, 2022 release date. – Bill “Jett” Ramey