Jeffery Wright: THE BATMAN’s Batman is “The World’s Greatest Detective”

Jeffery Wright as Jim Gordon in THE BATMAN

Jeffery Wright — who plays GCPD’s James Gordon in THE BATMAN — recently appeared on Sirus/XM radio and talked a bit about the film and the trailer released at DC FanDome.  The video is below, but here are a few highlights…

THE BATMAN Official Logo
  • He didn’t recognize Colin Farrell in makeup as The Penguin!
  • Confirmed that they are going back to work “next month” — which backs up the reports that THE BATMAN will resume production in September.
  • When he read the script, his reaction was “Yeah, yeah…this is ON it.”
  • The script is “…beholden to the idea that Batman is the ‘World’s Greatest Detective.'”
  • How The Batmobile was described in the script was very appealing to him.
  • The script had a “groundedness” about it that really struck him.  Gotham is very “assessable.”
  • The tone of the film is “…really emotional, provocative, and psychological.”
  • The trailer does not include any CGI — it was all photographed.

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He said a lot of other cool stuff about THE BATMAN — including the “Holmes/Watson” dynamic between Batman and Gordon — so make sure you check out the full video below! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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