The Labor Day 2020 BOF Mailbag


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It’s Labor Day 2020 in the U.S., so I hope that everyone celebrating — by having the day off — is enjoying your holiday!  Now, on to the latest edition of the BOF Mailbag! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

If [Matt] Reeves ends up making a trilogy, does it have to include The Joker to be considered “definitive?” Or can it solely include other, less-often utilized villains?

JETT SAYS: In my humble and Bat-educated opinion, yes, The Joker must be in any Batman story to be considered “definitive” — I 100% believe that, yes.

Any news on a KINGDOM COME animated movie?

JETT SAYS: No, and I don’t think one is in the works.  BUT…

As I’ve said here on BOF, BOF’s Twitter page, and on the BOF Fan Discussion Group on Facebook many times, I’d do it as an HBO/HBO Max prestige series ala WATCHMEN (which was absolutely brilliant).

JETT SAYS: I’d give him an A-, I guess. I think the changes that WB has made to DC on film that he oversees has been pretty damn good.  I don’t know if it was his idea, but the “Multiverse” route in which WB is going with their DC Comics properties is pretty brilliant.  Essentially it’s just an extension of the studio’s post-BvS/JUSTICE LEAGUE debacle mantra of simply focusing on making good DC movies, and not worrying about a shared universe where “everything MUST connect.”

Who would potentially buy DC Comics now that corporate money chasers AT&T clearly don’t give a shit?

JETT SAYS: Good question…and one to which I do not know the answer, but I do have some ideas.

It’s my hope that someone who loves DC Comics and has the financial backing will make AT&T an offer to buy DC Comics and DC Comics only.  AT&T/Warner Bros. Pictures would still own all the film, TV, animation, video game, etc. rights to the characters, but DC Comics would still get published as old school, paper, hold-in-your-hand-and-read comics.

Of course, things would have to change.  The number of monthlies would need to be limited and they will certainly have to continue with digital releases.  But keeping DC Comics alive — in its original medium — is a MUST.

Why do you think making a new Superman film is not a priority for Warner Bros.?

JETT SAYS: Dude, I’ve got some very HOT takes on it — takes that many fans don’t want to hear.

Let me preface by saying that I LOVE the character of Superman and he’s at least #3 on my list of favorites — Batman is by FAR #1, but I also grew up a big fan of Spider-Man.  However, I simply think Superman is a tough character to pull off on the big screen in a film in which comic book/superhero/Superman fans make up a very, Very, VERY small majority of the audience.  I don’t totally agree with this, but I do get it one of the arguments for why Superman doesn’t resonate with the general audience:  What’s interesting about a character who is basically a god and totally invulnerable?

With that said, I 100% believe that MAN OF STEEL — which I borderline love — teed-up a great “Superman” film as its sequel.  They should’ve made MAN OF STEEL 2 instead of BATMAN v SUPERMAN where Clark Kent was depicted as a morose, depressed dude, that the world didn’t, had only, like, 30-something lines of dialogue, and then F’n dies at the end!

What I think (hope) will happen is that a filmmaker will pitch a new take on Superman — but one which is loyal to and respectful of the character — and they give it the “THE BATMAN Treatment” like Matt Reeves is with, well, THE BATMAN.

JETT SAYS: My Funko Pops!

Are Chris Nolan’s films the proving ground for future WB actors? Can we expect to see John David Washington in something DC comics related (I know it’s not exactly BOF)?

JETT SAYS: Well, Christopher Nolan’s films — like this latest, TENET — are Warner Bros. films.  So I don’t think they are the “proving ground” for future WB actors because they ARE WB actors for being in one of Chris’ movies.  As far as “expecting” John David Washington to appear in a DC Comics movie at some point, sure, it’s possible — but it would likely have nothing to do with the fact he was the star of TENET.

JETT SAYS: It’s clear that Matt Reeves’ vision of Batman on film is pretty damn “grounded.” I’ve said for a while that I think it’s going to be even more “realistic” and “grounded” than THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY.  While I think we’ll get more traditional and “fully-formed” versions of the Batman characters Reeves uses in his trilogy, I do not see fantastical or supernatural villains like Clayface, Man-Bat, etc. showing up in Reeves’ THE BATMAN TRILOGY.


Can we expect some unexpected/unannounced appearances in THE BATMAN? Some guy who likes hats or some who love fire, perhaps?

JETT SAYS: Mad Hatter and Firefly were allegedly included in the early drafts of THE BATMAN script.  With Matt Reeves and co-writer Matson Tomlin streamlining the script via rewrites and polishes, they may have been cut from the movie.  With that said, I think Reeves has a few tricks up his sleeves with this movie.

JETT SAYS: Hugo Strange!

Will you have any issue if Matt Reeves does evil or corrupt Thomas and Martha Wayne? Also, do you think Matt Reeves has plans for a Batman cinematic universe if THE BATMAN is a massive success?

JETT SAYS: 1) Not really.  As long as it makes sense in the story Reeves is telling about the Wayne family in THE BATMAN.  2) It’s already happening!  They are indeed creating a “THE BATMAN-verse.”

JETT SAYS: Matt Reeves has said that all of these characters in THE BATMAN — Catwoman, The Riddler, The Penguin, and even The Batman himself — aren’t the fully-realized versions of what they will ultimately become. So yeah, I see them changing in many ways, including aesthetically…though it may not happen in THE BATMAN.  With that said, I’m not expecting The Riddler to where a green bodysuit with question marks all over it, The Penguin sporting a monocle, top hat, and tuxedo, or The Batman in tights.

Any chance we’ll see the Batsignal by the end of THE BATMAN like we did for BATMAN BEGINS?

JETT SAYS: Yes, I believe the Batsignal will be in THE BATMAN.  But Batman in this film is further along in his career than he was in BEGINS, so I suspect the Batsignal — in some form — already exists.

What is your pitch to HBO Max for a new animated Batman series?


Something “mature” ala the old SPAWN animated series on HBO — though I don’t think I’d make it R-rated.  Or an anthology type of thing with self-contained stories by different creative teams on each episode.