BOF’s BAT-POLL | What “Batman Thing” Made You a Bat-Fan?


Batman — the greatest hero in fictional literature in the history of fictional literature — has been around for over 80 years and can be found in many different mediums today.

As we were celebrating BATMAN DAY 2021 this past weekend, I asked folks on Twitter to show how they became a Batman fan by posting a meme/gif/image only.  Check it…


Piggybacking off that, below you’ll find a new BOF Bat-Poll asking pretty much the same thing.  I picked the poll choices based on the feedback I got from my Twitter question.  I also included an option of choosing “Other” if none of those provided represented the origin of your Batman fandom.

And please, discuss and be specific in the comments section below — for example, it was Adam West and the 60s TV series that did it for me, but my Mom turned on the TV for me to watch it (and she also bought me my very first Batman comics). – Bill “Jett” Ramey