BATWOMAN | S3/E2 Review: “Loose Tooth”


There is something about Season 3 of Batwoman that feels familiar.  The show gives you vibes of Batman ’66 while infusing itself with the “new” Bat-vibes that you would get from a Batman Beyond.  It’s “Batman”; it’s “Gotham,” but this isn’t Batman’s Gotham.  The show seems to have cracked the code that it struggled with for a season and some.   It’s over the top, it doesn’t always make sense, but it’s a fun hour in DC’s most absurd city.

Episode two, “Loose Tooth,” brings the Alice and Batwoman partnership full force.   Montoya is not messing around and putting Alice in the custody of Ryan Wilder/Batwoman.  With a new Killer Croc on lurking in Gotham, these two need to work together and fast to end the feeding frenzy. While Croc is putting the terror into Gotham, Ryan needs to deal with her birth mother and the personal vendetta against Wayne Enterprises.

The dynamic of Alice and Team Batwoman is amusing.  Alice brings that beautiful brand of silliness, psychosis, and betrayal that we all have come to love from Harley Quinn.  The focus has been Batwoman and Alice tracking down the missing trophies from the Batcave in a creative ‘66 fashion.  The villain of the week method has done wonders for the show two episodes deep.  Sure, there will be that season-long subplot of Ryan and her birth mother, but it is very underlaying in these two episodes.  That relationship hits you right in the feels at the end of the episode as Ms. Leslie showcases her acting chops for the first time in the series.

Killer Croc did look fantastic; the makeup and suit looked just as good as what we got in 2016 in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.  I can’t find the actor’s name under the makeup, but they did a fantastic job in the role.  Croc is purely a beast out of control, so there are no lines.  The actor moved with such force that it makes me think of Derek Mears’ Jason from Friday the 13th, 2009.  A brute force of nature.

This episode is downright creepy at times, and I am honestly shocked at the amount of terror and fear put in this episode. The mutilated bodies, Croc is stalking his prey.  The CW is letting the creatives behind this show flex some muscle this season, all for the better.  Batwoman fighting Croc in the sewers was the episode’s highlight, and it is a shame how short it was.  It was a vintage Bat-moment for sure; even the biggest CW hater will have to give them some props for how well good the sewer scene is.

I will go out and say it; this has been the best episode in the show’s history to date.  Montoya is a cop on a mission, and she is protecting her City in a very Gordon-like fashion.  Luke and Ryan are dealing with some deep emotional notes while doing their best not to let it affect the cowl lifestyle, and as usual, Alice is causing hell for everyone around her.  The show is filled with emotional moments, leaning heavily on family.  Some work more than others; some, like Luke and Mary, feel more forced.

Batwoman has found a sense of self-awareness that makes for one of the exciting capes and tights options on TV.  Every week since season 2, the series has gotten better and better.  Now tune in and have some fun! – Peter Verra


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