The January 2022 BOF Mailbag


We’re basically a month into this new year, but welcome to the first BOF Mailbag of 2022!  Yeah, I’m cutting this close, I know…but I’ve been kinda preoccupied covering this little movie called THE BATMAN of late.  But better late than never, so let’s get to yall’s questions! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

Will Keaton be able to turn his head? Do you know anything about the suit? Same as returns?

JETT SAYS: I assume you’re talking about Michael Keaton as Batman in THE FLASH, correct?  I was told that fans will be happy with the suit.  As far as being able to turn his head, Batsuit construction has come a LONG way since 1989.

Now that the runtime [of THE BATMAN] has been revealed to be the longest Batman film to date, do you think this will be a detriment to the box office and hopes for more movies in this series?


Bill, when are you seeing THE BATMAN and when will be able to read your review?

JETT SAYS: In a couple of weeks and as soon as the embargo is lifted…which may be as soon as I see it.  I’m hearing there’s really no embargo and we can post them once we see the movie…which is a sign that WB is very confident in THE BATMAN.

Given the realistic tone of THE BATMAN, which villain would you like to see in a sequel?

JETT SAYS: Whichever villain Matt Reeves chooses because it fits the story he wants to tell.

JETT SAYS: It will not be in IMAX since the location of our screening for THE BATMAN — Cinemark West Plan and XD — does not have an IMAX theater.  For those interested, details for BOF’s THE BATMAN Watch Party can be found HERE.

Considering the more grounded, realistic approach that Matt Reeves is going for with his new [THE BATMAN], do you think it’d be wise to have villains such as Man-Bat or Clayface appear in future BATGIRL or NIGHTWING films set in the DCEU instead?  That way, the more fantastical side of the Rogues Gallery is being represented onscreen for fans who want to see them while allowing Reeves to do his thing with whatever villains he pleases?

JETT SAYS: Yes, absolutely…kinda.  I 100% do not see such characters showing up in a Matt Reeves Batman film.  I do think you’ll probably see more “fantastical” Bat-villains such as those you mentioned in the DCEU/Keaton Bat-verse.  With that said, there’s a way to do most of Batman’s rogues gallery in a relatively realistic manner — even Clayface.  I can’t imagine Batman, Batgirl, or Nightwing fighting a shapeshifting blob in a “serious” live-action film or HBO Max series.  But a master of disguise (AKA Basil “Clayface” Karlo)?  Absolutely. Remember, these films are made for the general audience, not specifically for fans.

When are you gonna add some UXAS toys to the BOF home office?


JETT SAYS: I think such a TV/streaming series would affect Batman on the big screen, so I get why WB/WarnerMedia are hesitant about such a project.  There’s something special about the Batman film series and I believe that fully-formed Batman as the main character should be reserved for cinema.  With that said, WB has loosened up significantly with what they allow with the Batman IP in live-action TV.  They wouldn’t allow stuff like GOTHAM, BATWOMAN, or TITANS to exist 20 years ago.

Any truth to those “JOKER2 coming in 2023” rumors floating ’round the net lately?

JETT SAYS: No idea.  All I know is that a script is being currently developed.  I’m in the camp that’s against a JOKER 2 movie because I think it would take away so much of what was great about the original: Its ambiguity.  Were the events of JOKER real, or were they a product of Arthur Fleck’s imagination/mental illness?  But I get it…the original made over a billion dollars worldwide, thus a sequel is probably inevitable.

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What kind of box office numbers does THE BATMAN need to reach in order to be considered successful?

JETT SAYS: $500M+.

If there are going to be more villains appearing in future Batman live-action movies, is it very likely that Matt Reeves will introduce his own version of Deathstroke and Black Mask in the next chapter?

JETT SAYS: Likely? Nope. I’m sure he’ll use characters/villains that make the most sense to the story he wants to tell.

James Gunn says he has another THE SUICIDE SQUAD/HBO Max series and development do you have an idea of what it is?

JETT SAYS: I do not…but I’m all in regardless!

JETT SAYS: Probably sometime this year (2022)…maybe around/during DC FanDome 2022???

When is PEACEMAKER coming to the UK!

JETT SAYS: No idea. That’s not my area of expertise, sir.  I’ll defer to James Gunn…

Simple question: Say we get a Robin in the Reeves THE BATMAN-verse, which do you wanna see?

JETT SAYS: You’re asking ME which Robin I’d prefer to see in one of Matt Reeves’ Batman films? Well…

I prefer solo Batman and I’m not a fan of sidekicks — though I do acknowledge the historical significance of Dick Grayson/Robin. So if Robin dens up in one of THE BATMAN‘s sequels, I’d prefer it to be Richard Grayson and I’d actually do it kinda like they did in BATMAN FOREVER where DG is supposed to be 17.  No way in hell you can have him be 12 or 13 years old and take it seriously.

Do you think they will move AQUAMAN 2 to keep it from going against AVATAR 2?

JETT SAYS: Maybe they move AVATAR 2 to keep it from going against AQUAMAN 2?

Are you a Howard Stern AND Larry Sanders fan?

JETT SAYS: Hey Now! Isn’t that obvious?

JETT SAYS: I expect it to jibe more with my personal Batman sensibilities — dark, grounded, gritty, street-level, realistic — than any previous incarnation of Batman on film.  Based on the reactions of those I know who have seen the final cut of the film, I expect it to be the best Batman movie to date.

With the hype of THE BATMAN, is there any way we are let down?

JETT SAYS: As I said in my answer to the previous question, I expect it to be the best Batman film to date.  I believe it will be a big success.  So overall, no, I do not think it’s going to be a “let down.”  With that said, I’m sure there will be a small minority of people who won’t like it — that’s the case with any movie — and “The Cult” has already made up their minds that they are going to hate it.

The marketing and brand cooperation (Little Caesar’s, Oreos) seems to be ramped up from what we’ve seen in many years from DC/WB. What insights can we distill from that compared to what we’ve seen for other recent DC projects (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, JL)?

JETT SAYS: Seems to be on par with those films.  With essentially a month left, I’m sure the promotion will kick up even more significantly over the next 4 weeks — i.e. A Super Bowl spot for THE BATMAN.

Will you be drinking a soda and eating popcorn during THE BATMAN or going in dry because it’s a long movie?

JETT SAYS: I don’t drink sodas (i.e. “Cokes”, as all sodas are called in Texas), nor will I be eating movie popcorn.  However, I will be partaking in a few cold beers.

When do you think we’ll get more info on THE BATMAN tie-in shows on HBO Max and how much do you expect Pattinson and Wright to be involved (if at all) in GCPD?

JETT SAYS: Probably later this year…that’s my best guess.

As far as Wright and Pattinson’s involvement, I’m half expecting Wright to be in the GCPD series and it wouldn’t shock me if Pattinson has a cameo as Batman in an episode or 2.  Of course, they could get by with a stuntman in the Bat-suit.

Wondering if you’ve had The Bat-Calzone yet, just got mine and it’s delish!  I’m still looking for the Oreos but not finding them, this movie gonna make me fat lol!

JETT SAYS: I have not personally tried The Batman Calzony…yet.  I’m not a fast-food fan — even with pizza — but I might make an exception for this concoction just because it’s “Batman.”  BUT…

BOF’s Peter Verra has sampled it and you can check out his review for BOF in the video below!

I’m a little nervous about THE FLASH. The last time Batman was shoehorned into someone else’s movie, it didn’t turn out so good. Are you at all concerned about The Flash being bad?

JETT SAYS: I am not. Why?  Keaton.  I don’t think MK would’ve got involved — especially at this stage of his career — if he thought the project was going to be garbage.  And he sure as hell doesn’t need the gig just for a paycheck.  And I wouldn’t say that Batman has been shoehorned into THE FLASH.

March 4th isn’t getting here fast enough! We haven’t seen Paul Dano’s face anywhere in the film’s promotion. Suspicious, no? Bonus question, when do you believe we are getting Keaton’s Batman promotional stuff?

JETT SAYS: I think there’s a very specific marketing reason why we haven’t seen Dano’s face as The Riddler.  We’ve seen plenty of him in his Ridder garb, but Edward Nashton is supposed to be a mystery, no pun intended.

As far as seeing Keaton in the Batsuit, that won’t be until well after THE BATMAN has come and gone.  Once the marketing begins for THE FLASH later this year, I’m sure we’ll get a few looks of MK as Batman.