Michael Keaton Reveals the Shadow of the Bat


Sorry folks, I’m a tad late on this bit of Batman on film news.  I’ve been busy covering this little ‘ol film titled THE BATMAN and was actually watching Matt Reeves’ small, indie film when it went down online (my review will drop on BOF Monday, 2/28/22 at 12 PM ET/11 AM CT/9 AM PT).  ANYWAY…

Via his Instagram, Michael Keaton, who is reprising his role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in both THE FLASH and BATGIRL, dropped an image of him on the set of the latter in the Batsuit…kinda.  Check it out below.

Well played MK, well played.

BOF will now take you back to our regularly scheduled coverage of THE BATMAN.  Excited for Keaton’s Bat-return and I’ll be covering THE FLASH and BATGIRL intensely, but first things first. – Bill “Jett” Ramey