Matt Reeves Interview with Elvis Mitchell

Matt Reeves (Photo credit: Matt Easton)

Matt Reeves recently guested on The Treatment with host Elvis Mitchell.  Here’s the show’s official description…

This week on The Treatment, Elvis welcomes director Matt Reeves, whose latest project is THE BATMAN starring Robert Pattinson. Reeves also helmed two of THE PLANET OF THE APES films as well as THE PALLBEARER. Reeves tells The Treatment the only way he can make large genre films is to make them personal. He says he didn’t want to make another origin story for his iteration of Batman, but wanted to cover the early years of the superhero, where he was still trying to put himself together. And he discusses the similarities between Bruce Wayne and Tom, his protagonist from “The Pallbearer,” his earliest film.

It’s a great listen.  So instead of pulling quotes, I’m simply posting links to it from here so you all can check it out yourself. – Bill “Jett” Ramey