THE BOF MAILBAG: December 2017

Jett Answers Reader's Questions


Welcome to the December edition of the BATMAN ON FILM mailbag.  It’s also the first mailbag on BOF 2.0!  Thanks for all the questions — I tried to get to as many as I could.  Continue sending them in via the BOF Facebook fan page, Twitter, or email whenever the call goes out.  Now, on to yall’s questions.

JETT SAYS: Absolutely – she doesn’t even particularly like comic book movies. However, she loves THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY because, and I’m quoting her, “It was ‘real,’ and not fake.” I then asked her what comic book/superhero movies she liked besides the TRILOGY. Her answer: WONDER WOMAN, MAN OF STEEL and she “kinda” liked the original SPIDER-MAN.

I have to watch JUSTICE LEAGUE a second time, but my impression was that this same film released pre –THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY and the MCU films would be highly regarded. Do you think it will acquire a better reputation over time, when people aren’t measuring it in the context of other films and the production background?

JETT SAYS: Well Seth, you’re inferring that the standard for comic book movies is pretty high now, correct? And the standard should be high for films of this genre – especially for Batman. With that said, JUSTICE LEAGUE is neither a good film nor a bad one – it’s “just OK” (and it took a miracle to get it there). Yes, I do believe that prior to the TRILOGY and some of the very high-caliber Marvel films, this movie might have been a bit better received – but it certainly wouldn’t have been hailed as a masterpiece. And no, I do not think JL will improve – reputation and perception-wise – over time. It is what it is: “just OK.”

What would be your feelings on a serious romance between Bruce and Selina – ala the comics –in Matt Reeves’ Batman movie? Also Bill, Marvel’s INFINITY WAR should be a huge hit. Could you ever see Warner’s ever doing a DCEU film like that, especially if it is the huge hit its supposed to be?

JETT SAYS: Glen, I wouldn’t have any issue with Bruce Wayne being in a serious relationship with Selina Kyle in a live-action Batman movie. With that said, I don’t want the entire film to center around it. As far as Warner Bros. trying to do a DC version of INFINITY WAR, why in the hell would they after JUSTICE LEAGUE epically failed? They need to focus on making good solo films right now and the foreseeable future.

As a fellow teacher (high school) I always poll my students on movies to gauge interest. Over the years of your career, what Batman films did your students look forward to the most, and which ones did they enjoy the most? Also, what were their reactions to BATMAN v SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE.

JETT SAYS: There wasn’t really any buzz from them in regards to BvS and JL to be honest. Looking back, it seems that they were the most excited for THE DARK KNIGHT.

WB has said they want to do FLASHPOINT. I know you’ve said that a lot of the “announced” films will never happen. If it does happen, do you think it’s possible to just focus the story on the Flash/Reverse Flash rivalry and only allude to the other DC characters through news reports? I figured, that way they can recast Barry Allen, not show any of the other actors, and take it out of the DCEU.

JETT SAYS: Even though they “announced” FLASHPOINT, I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for it to actually happen now after JUSTICE LEAGUE. I will say doing it as a means of (soft) rebooting DC on film would be a mistake – I’m totally against that. If WB is wanting to distance themselves from the MAN OF STEEL/BvS/JL “trilogy,” I think the best route to take is to simply make good solo films that are/aren’t connected and slowly soft-reboot the thing. If that means recasting some roles but not others, so be it.


JETT SAYS: It’s sucked, straight up. Crappiest time I had covering a film for BOF ever.

It’ll be fun to cover AQUAMAN and WONDER WOMAN 2 once it starts films. Also, I’m very excited to cover a solo Batman film again once Matt Reeves’ movie gets going – it’s been nearly 6 years since got to do that here on BOF. But yeah, a break is going to be nice to be honest – tired of all the drama and BS.

You’ve said that you love BATMAN ’89, but were very let down by BATMAN RETURNS. Between BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT were you ever worried that you were going to be let down by the sequel again?

JETT SAYS: Gabe, not really. I was so tuned into the production of THE DARK KNIGHT, that I never once worried that it was going to let me down. Plus, I trusted Chris Nolan. Same goes for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

With that said, I did let myself get hyped-up and excited for BATMAN v SUPERMAN and it was a total disappointment for me. With JUSTICE LEAGUE I wasn’t excited in the least and knew it was not going to be good, so it was impossible for that one to let me down.

20 years and 5 films later, I only can say “thank you,” Bill. How many secrets do you keep guarding, after so many years? Do you think you’ll write a book about them in the far future?

JETT SAYS: Francisco, I’ve long planned to pen a book about “Batman on Film” once I retired from my “real job.” That’s taking place in May of 2018, so I’m sure I’ll be putting pen to paper, so to speak, soon. As far as revealing secrets, we’ll see. Actually, I don’t have a lot of them to tell as the things I knew about these films – spoilers, etc. – all came out in the wash once they were released. I will say there’s one hell of a story to be told about the production of JUSTICE LEAGUE!


JETT SAYS: Hmm…man, I don’t know. As long as Matt Reeves borrows from some great Batman comic book stories, I’ll be happy. I don’t need a straight-up adaptation of anything – just use bits and insert them into a great original story.

What if a director of one of the previous Batman films – Burton or Nolan – wanted to revisit their Bat universe again. Do you think WB would be open to them doing another sequel with their original cast even after other bat iterations have been established?

JETT SAYS: So the premise is that either would want to do another Batman film in the universe that they established, right? OK, I’ll play – though it ain’t going to happen (especially when it comes to Nolan)!

I’d be open to either returning. A Tim Burton, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS-inspired film with Keaton would be cool. Same thing with Chris Nolan – though he already added a bit of that story in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. As far as Warner Bros. being open to it, I have no idea. On one hand, they probably would be due because either would potentially make a ton of dough. On the other, I think they’d probably prefer new Batman films under a new director and cast.

Hi Jett, what is your favorite DC animated series and movies so far?

JETT SAYS: Let me focus on Batman, is that OK? OK!

My favorite animated Batman TV series is BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. And when it comes to film, it’s totally THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE. If I had to pick a runner-up for each, that would be BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES and BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM.

When do you think WONDER WOMAN 2 will begin production in 2018? My guess is by June.

JETT SAYS: Chance, when they’re READY and have a GOOD SCRIPT sir. The last thing I want is WB to rush this thing simply to capitalize on the success of WONDER WOMAN…and try to make up for the disaster known as JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Happy Holidays! Which C-list or D-list character from the DC Universe do you think has a chance to breakout and become more popular with the mainstream in either a DC movie or TV series? I personally think Zatanna has that potential. via email)

JETT SAYS: Back-atcha Hamad! In regards to your question, I’ve been saying for YEARS that a Deadman TV series done in the style of QUANTUM LEAP would be awesome.

Any news on Chris McKay’s NIGHTWING movie?

JETT SAYS: Hey Matthew – good to hear from you dude! We had a hell of a time in Austin, didn’t we sir? ANYWAY…

I’ve heard nothing. I believe Mr. McKay has alluded to February of 2018 as being a time some news is coming. I’ll definitely try to get him back on BOF for a podcast or vlog soon – he told me he’d do it!

Hi Jett, what is your favorite DC animated series and movies so far?