Exclusive (Kinda) – BATMAN: EARTH ONE, VOL. 3 Update!


DC Dynamic Duo Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are deep into their current acclaimed series Doomsday Clock, with issue #4 being released just this week. It’s the latest offering of the team behind Shazam, Superman: Secret Origins, and most appropriately Batman: Earth One. Their take on The Dark Knight has released 2 volumes (2012 and 2015), earning praise from both critics and fans alike. However, details have been varied from quiet to nearly nonexistent on if/when we’ll see a volume 3.

Artist (and really cool dude) Gary Frank provided a quick update to yours truly on Twitter

Excellent news. As soon as it was announced the team was taking on Doomsday Clock last year, I had mixed reactions. I was excited for the new series, but saddened because I knew that meant a delay on B:E1. With this little update, we now know that it’s obviously on their minds and they have plans to return to Gotham post DDC.


In case you don’t remember who we’ll (likely) see in the next volume…

Meow. – Ryan Lower

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