Review – DC Collectibles The Joker & Harley Quinn Bookend Set


Hey BOF’ers! Pete Verra here with an-in depth review of DC Collectibles Joker and Harley bookends inspired by the art of Hainanu Saulque (@nooligan on Twitter/Instagram) These bookends are a beautiful conversation piece to add to your bookshelf! You and your friends will love the offbeat art and unique look of this piece.


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Peter Verra
A lover of genre films from BATMAN to FRIDAY THE 13th. A producer of college sports at the world’s most famous arena, MSG. A fool for watching that SCOOBY DOO teaser trailer from 2002 and praying Batman is the one who turns around every time. Backyard BBQ enthusiast & sports fan Yankees, Pacers, Devils, who ever plays the NJ Giants!