TITANS Episode #10 Review by Eric Holzmann


EDITOR’S NOTE:  Due to technical difficulties last week’s review for episode #9 “Hank and Dawn” was lost.  One will be posted for consistency, but in an effort to be current the Episode #10 review will be posted first.

Episode 10:  “Koriand’r”

It only took 10 episodes but we finally are starting to get some answers to some very important questions on TITANS.  The two underlying issues all season revolved around Rachel’s father and what exactly Kory’s mission is.   For those who read the comics these issues were not really unknown, but TITANS has been extremely effective in telling the story as if we’re all learning about these characters for the first time.  In most shows waiting this long to reveal important plot points might make viewers bored, but that has not been the case here.

Well, the time has come for all to be revealed, and episode #10 does just that, leading us into an explosive season finale that every fan of this series is going to be talking about.

The overall tone of this episode really focuses on the supernatural elements surrounding both Rachel and Kory.   We were teased at the end of episode 8 when Rachel’s attempt to heal Kory unlocked her memories and her true mission which is to destroy Rachel.

However, she still doesn’t know why she wants to kill someone she has grown to love and want to protect.  Feeling confused about her attempt on Rachel’s life, she leaves the group to go find out what everything means and is lead to a warehouse.  Dick and Donna follow her because of Dick’s feelings for Kory.  At the same time, the house Angela took them to turns out to be haunted and she proves to be as sketchy as we all thought.  When Gar falls “ill”, Angela convinces Rachel the only way to save him is to bring her father back to Earth.

Things really move the series forward in this episode when Kory steps aboard her Tamaranean spaceship.  She sees the Gul’ron Dez Dire and flips through it and learns why she was sent to kill Rachel:  As the daughter of the banished demon Trigon, she is the only one who can bring him back, and if he returns he will destroy her home planet of Tamaran.  Knowing this, Kory, Dick, and Donna return back to the house only to find out they’re too late.  Trigon is already here.

The season finale is probably going to focus on the underlying plot that has been building the entire season revolving around Rachel and Dick.  The episode is titled “Dick Grayson” and the preview for it has already raised a ton of eyebrows as to its motivation.  The ending of episode #10 gives enough of a clue as to why the preview slants in the direction it does, but it remains to be seen how Season 1 all plays out.

I can’t wait to see it! – Eric Holzmann