CATWOMAN #9 Review


SYNOPSIS: With the power vacuum left behind by the fall of the Creel family, Catwoman finds herself in a unique position to become the top crook in Villa Hermosa. Her only obstacles are all the other bad guys who call the city home. Can Catwoman run this gauntlet to reach boss level herself?

Catwoman takes a pleasant detour this month in issue #9. Instead of another chapter in a continuous story featuring Raina Creel or The Penguin, the femme fatale ventures out to do what she does best: steal. This time, she has some help, and instead of toying with the world’s greatest detective, she just settles for a normal one.

We open the issue with Selina Kyle in a casino/gambling hall, without luck on her side. She guarantees that is about to change, and then we jump back a week. It seems a major event is going to happen in that casino, and we need to learn the events leading up to it. Misleadings, wit, action, and twists lead to an ultimately satisfying conclusion that should satisfy loyal readers and newcomers alike.

Joelle Jones takes a complete issue off this month, instead of handling writing duties to Ram V and artistry to John Timms. The new duo handles this responsibility like champs. V crafts a classic heist tale that keeps you guessing until the final panel. The writer knows Catwoman and gives us a classic tale that hits the core of the character. Timms also does right by the antihero. He juggles Selina and Catwoman carefully, blending intricate features along with a hint of sketchiness. His settings are detailed just enough, but ooze with comic book flavor. Everything was easy to follow and enjoyable to look at.

Overall, this is a rather simple issue, but a whole lot of fun. The book reminds me of the classic Catwoman stories we’ve loved over the years. Whether you’re new to the book or not, this ought to please anyone who reads it. – Ryan Lower


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Ryan Lower
Ryan Lower (rhyme with power) was born and raised in the Hoosier state, but now resides in Chicago. He works for a television station where he was paid to read, watch and write about Adam West’s Batman. Seriously. Outside of work, he loves spending time in his own bat cave, absorbing the world of the Dark Knight. A few non-contentious Batman favorites of his: The Dark Knight Trilogy, Batman: The Long Halloween, the Arkham Games and Batman: The Animated Series. Some arguable guilty pleasures: he really enjoys Batman: Arkham Origins, is entertained by Beware the Batman and watches Batman & Robin at least once a year (it’s ridiculously tolerable). Fun fact: he’ll never dress up as Batman unless he can wear an authentic Satsuit. Final thought: after being a BOF’er for over 15 years, he’s thrilled to be a part of the team and bring some fun to the DAD GUM ORIGINAL Batman-on-film.