SWAMP THING Episode #10 Review


Well, here we are episode 10 of DC Universe’s Swamp Thing, appropriately titled “Loose Ends.”

Originally scheduled for thirteen episodes Swamp Thing was cut down to ten episodes before ultimately getting canceled less than 24 hours after the pilot episode aired.  Fans and critics have both agreed that the show holds it’s own in terms of respect to the horror genre as well being faithful to the source material.  Swamp Thing has been a ten-hour thrill ride from the start!

Swamp Thing does not hold back in its series finale.  As a genre fan does it get any better than having a Busey hunt down a giant mythical figure?  The answer is a resounding, NO!  Swamp Thing has delivered Predator like moments in past episodes but this is a great “tracking mission.”   The action between the soldiers and Swamp Thing is tremendous.  Seeing Swamp Thing fight tactically is a thing of beauty.  The way he manipulates the troops and how he uses the Green are borderline definitive.  Just as the show has done from episode one it delivers jump scare worthy action horror.

Swamp Thing does save its most twisted moment for the last episode.  As Dr. Woodrue has decided to turn in his scalpel for a spatula.   In typical Woodrue fashion, he is creeping you out with every bit of dialogue while casually frying up Swamp Thing’s heart.  The scenes in the kitchen are the scariest the show has ever been, just downright unsettling.  One will surely get conflicting vibes of watching Get Out or Emeril Live.

Maria Sunderland is not one to easily be shown up.  She has an incredible scene in her padded room that is straight out of A Nightmare on Elm Street film, a very close second place indeed.  Just as the character of Maria Sunderland gets good we have to say good-bye to this show, so sad.  I was dying to see what Virginia Madsen had up her sleeve; she was really delivering the insanity aspect with rage and heartache.

The show does a fantastic job with the internal conflict of Swamp Thing.  What is Swamp Thing?  Is he Alec?  Is he a man or a plant? How much of Alec is in there?  All these questions are vibrant through the series.

Leading us on the journey with Swamp Thing as he tries to figure out the whom, the what, his propose.  Swamp Thing is not by himself; his relationship with Abby is more than enough to keep the die-hards happy.  Since the pilot, the relationship between Abby and Swamp Thing has really bloomed (pun intended) before our eyes.   The chemistry between Reed and Mears is undeniable even under all that makeup.  The pain, the love the passion for science is all there; the only thing missing is Abby’s silver hair.

“Loose Ends” conclude just at the title suggests.  There are plot points we will never see fleshed out, Blue Devil and the Sunderlands, all three of them are the biggest ones that come to mind.  The only character that actually receives closure is our title character.  The show still operates at a high level; the action, horror, twists, turns, and drama are all on par with what the series has brought to the table.

Yes, it is a huge disappointment that we will not be getting a second season of Swamp Thing.  But, I will look back at these ten hours of content as a love letter to the character a true saga of Swamp Thing.

PS: That post-credit scene was BADASS! – Peter Verra

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