SYNOPSIS: In part two of “Take Your Shot,” Batman confronts Deadshot only to learn he’s come to Gotham City to enlist the skills of the World’s Greatest Detective! Can the two of them work together—or will their opposing ideologies get the best of them?

Peter Tomasi has been on roll!

Sure, I’ve had a few gripes here and there but nothing can take away from how much fun Tomasi is having while writing this story.  Heck, I’m having just as much fun reading it with you.  What I really appreciate about these past two issues is the inspiration that Tomasi is pulling from.  It’s like he is taking the best parts of his favorite movies and adapting them for a Batman story, pure genius! Christian Duce complements Tomasi so well with his clean and sharp artwork making this a match made in comic book heaven.

Tomasi left us with a jaw-dropping ending last issue that was a combination of Cast Away and Air Force One. Deadshot has been hired to kidnap Bruce Wayne. Sneaking his way aboard the plane dressed as a pilot. All was all going smooth for the mercenary until lightning strikes. One big bang later he is stranded in the jungle and without his prize.  Deadshot has some really funny moments taunting his hostages with his cocky and confident attitude. You almost wish he didn’t miss.

So what happened to Bruce Wayne? Well in typical BW fashion he barely survives, this time with some help. It is here that Tomasi pulls inspiration from one of my favorite genre films of recent memory, Kong: Skull Island.  I know it sounds crazy but Tomasi brilliantly adapts John C. Reilly’s character Hank Marlow for this story.

This issue isn’t exactly action-heavy.  Deadshot does square off vs. a panther and has a quick fight between Bruce Wayne. But what is a Batman without a suit? Here Bruce gets creative with a makeshift suit that is best described as BvS Knightmare, Red Son Batman, meets WW II fighter pilot.

It’s a bit unusual to see a setup issue in the second story of an arc, usually, that is the first. The reader still can’t help but get drawn in by Tomasi’s character development.  Delivering a great amount of humor in the issue that does make up for the lack of action.  Deadshot is about as witty as Alfred in a high school jock way. While Bruce and his rescuers have some great conversation by a campfire that is totally unexpected.  I can’t remember the last time Bruce Wayne had an in-depth baseball conversation with a Yankees reference to boot.

Christian Duce again provides beautiful stunning interior artwork.  I haven’t seen anything this clean and sharp in a long time. Deadshot looks nothing short of magnificent. Whether he is pointing one of his famed wrist gauntlets to intimidate or casually shooting “a small money” for dinner without looking.  You have not seen Deadshot look this badass since Batman: Gotham Knight and that includes Will Smith’s awesome shoot out scene in Suicide Squad. The way the moonlight shines off the metal of Deadshot’s uniform is eye-catching; colorist David Baron really left his mark on this book. Those flashback scenes with the sepia tone were spectacular. What a fantastic job from the artistic team in this issue. Bravo to all!

Detective Comics #1010 is a splendid change of pace from Batman vs. the psychos of Gotham and it is wonderfully executed from cover-to-cover. This is not the Batman story I was expecting and I’m pleasantly surprised.  Tomasi is really thinking outside the box and referencing some great action and genre films.

Sit, backflip those pages, and enjoy this one folks. I don’t know about you but I’m having a ball! – Peter Verra


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