THE BATMAN Begins, Filming, That Is (UPDATED!)

Robert Pattinson as Batman mock-up by John Regan

UPDATE: I can confirm that principal photography will start in mid-January of next year (2020) in London (Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden).  I believe some other outlets have reported that previously, so that is indeed the case.  There had been some scuttlebutt that filming might be pushed back and start a bit later in 2020, but that is not the case.  All is well apparently and progressing as expected.  My original report follows. – “Jett”

I have heard from several FOBOF that some filming has commenced in the UK on THE BATMAN.  I’m also told that it likely doesn’t involve any of the principal cast and is mostly second unit type of stuff.

Not much, but it’s cool that THE BATMAN is actually going in front of the camera as we speak.

Yes, #TheBatmanIsComing!

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In other news, director Matt Reeves said via a video message that he will be bringing THE BATMAN to CCXP 2020 next year (per DEADLINE).  Like with WONDER WOMAN 1984 yesterday, this could possibly be when we get the first full trailer for the movie.

THE BATMAN hits theaters on June 25, 2021.  Check out BOF’s Everything About THE BATMAN Page to stay up to date on the film’s production. – Bill “Jett” Ramey