BATGIRL Has Been Canned


According to THE WRAP, Warner Bros. has decided not to release BATGIRL.

The reason?  Per the trade, the leaders of the WBD determined that in spite of reshoots and increased budget, the film “just did not work,” according to insiders. Led by CEO David Zaslav, WBD is planning on making DC movies big theatrical “event films” and BATGIRL didn’t fit the bill.

I didn’t RUSH to post a story on it before I got the facts, so I reached out to several sources who told me that they could neither confirm nor deny the news…so yeah, you KNOW what that means.

For the record, I personally couldn’t care less about and really don’t have an interest in a Batgirl movie…so this is no skin off my back.  However, I was interested with the film because Michael Keaton was onboard and had a prominent role in the movie.  But whatever, I suppose.

For the full story, click on any of the links provided. – Bill “Jett” Ramey