These Are a Few of My Favorite (Batman) Things, Part 4


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I have been a Batman fan for as long as I remember, so I’m talking at least a half century at this point in my life.  Needless to say, I’ve witnessed a lot of Batmanning in my day.

I have seen Batman exist solely in comics, TV show reruns, and Saturday morning cartoons, to what the character is today: An American (and worldwide) cultural icon that exists in all sorts of mediums.

In honor of Batman’s 80th anniversary, I thought it would be fun (for me at least) to write about some of my personal favorite Batman “things” in different mediums — film (animated and live-action), comics, TV, and more!

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Thought I wasn’t going to like or watch it.

Ended up loving it.

What a wonderful love letter to Batman, Batman history, and everything — literally — Batman.

Yes, I also love BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, but B:TBATB just struck a chord with me.  Maybe it’s because I’m older now and have witnessed a lot of Batman history over my 53 years.  Regardless, it’s my fave.



Of course, there’s not much to choose from when it comes to this category, and that’s putting it mildly!

There are the 1960s BATMAN TV series and GOTHAM (and I guess you can count BIRDS OF PREY and TITANSmaybe).

Regardless, could it be anything other this one?  The answer to that is NO.

Classic.  Iconic.  Awesome.


LIVE-ACTION BATMAN ACTOR – Adam West and Christian Bale (Tie)

Sorry, there was no way I could pick just one.

Adam West was my first Batman and the 1960s BATMAN television series is what made me a Batman fan.  And I absolutely love the Light Knight.

Adam West as Batman and Bruce Wayne in the BATMAN TV series.  TM and © DC Comics

As far as Christian Bale, greatest Batman on film to date.  Not only is it going to be hard to top his performance as both Bruce Wayne and Batman, but it’s also going to be hard to top the films in which he was Batman — THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY.

CHRISTIAN BALE as Bruce Wayne in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, a Warner Bros. Pictures release. TM and © DC Comics

So, what are you’re favorites of these 3 categories?  Post ’em in the comments section below!

And be sure to check out each part of the “These Are a Few of My Favorite (Batman) Things” series on BOF! – Bill “Jett” Ramey


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