The pilot episode of Swamp Thing was a solid entry into the lore of the character.  While Wes Craven’s 1982 film is my favorite live action interpretation.  I can say that DC Universe Swamp Thing is coming in hot on its tails.  Swamp Thing has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately and with that said the show is borderline amazing.  Leaving a lot of fans scratching their heads.

There is something that I adore about Swamp Thing.  Something that reminds me of another horror entry brought to life by the great Wes Craven, 1996’s Scream.  While Scream rejuvenated the horror genre by being meta well before being meta was cool.  One of the films most underrated aspects is how everything in the story stems and feeds off the characters.  Everything is intertwined and connected and that is the thing that Swamp Thing as done so well.  From Abby’s past to Alec’s demise, right into what is happening to the people of Marais.  It’s all connected, in all the right ways.

Last review I mentioned how the only thing holding this show back was the writing.  The Pilot felt at times like a glorious 80’s horror flick complete with jokes that just didn’t hit.  There was one eye rolling moment of dialogue but the episode does build off a foundation of emotion.  Madame Xanadu and Maria Sunderland share an amazing scene ripe with passion and scary as all hell.  The scene is spectacularly shot and down right chilling, tension was high and the jumps pay off wonderfully. These are not jump scares these are plot devices that leave your jaw on the floor by episodes end.

The special effects in the show are really well done.  I cannot believe how great the Green looks and it is on full display.  There is a scene where Swamp Thing in his early stages uses the Green to save a young girl, Susie.   This scene is the highlight and lowlight of the episode.  While the SPFX and water shots are in perfect horrific symphony it is the end result that I have issues with.  It was tremendous to see Swamp Thing in action, Derek Mears looks just as good as the hero’s we are accustomed to for DC live action films.  This design looks better than anything that Fox, CW and SYFY have done on their shows.  This Swamp Thing looks above and beyond better than his previous live action counter parts, well-done DC Universe and look out Michael Wilkinson.

Mears is no stranger to playing the hunter, having been both a Predator and New Jersey’s own Jason Voorhees.  Mears ruffling through the swamp just before his heroics is really a sight to see.  In a way the scene reminds me of the dock scene from Batman Begins.  You are seeing it from the antagonist point of view.  Fast cuts, quick glimpses of Swamp Thing in action spectacularly done.  My only nitpick is that I prefer my Swamp Thing as a hero, almost a philosopher of sorts, not a murderous brute.

This did make me think of Man of Steel and how that film was Superman’s first day on the job and how he had to figure himself out.  That is what Swamp Thing felt like in World’s Apart.  We know through his connection to Susie through the Green that he is confused and terrified about what he has become.  So I am willing to wait it out with the hopes that he will become the Swamp Thing I know and love.   This is just day one for Swampy and I cannot wait to see how this character will grow.

Worlds Apart is an absolute blast of an episode.  The show is not only respectful to the source material but also respectful to the horror genre.  The story gets better due to the connection the characters have not only with each other but the town and the swamp itself.  It’s rooted in community and I feel it helps keep the show grounded.  You may not be able to relate to Swamp Thing but you can feel for the towns’ people.  The show also is doing an amazing job at cameos and character introduction.  “Blue Devil” and Jason Woodrow make wonderful introductions that will make any DC fan more than ecstatic.

This show is a wonderful addition to DC Universe so far.  I am begging DC fans to continue supporting this show with re-watches.  Show the powers that be how much you love this show.  Do not cancel your membership continue to support this show that another network will pick it up or by some miracle DC Universe changes their mind.

Swamp Thing is a love letter to the character, horror films past and DC comics.  You can see the heart and soul that everyone put in this show it deserves all the love it’s getting and then some. – Peter Verra