SWAMP THING Episode #3 Review


Swamp Thing episode three, “He Speaks,” continues the show’s trend of brilliantly adapting the source material and honoring the horror genre.  This episode was truly a wonderful watch.

With every episode, my issues vanish, cheesy dialogue and bad jokes of the pilot are things of the past.  “He Speaks” proves that you need to be patient with character development and character arcs as Swamp Thing is evolving right before our eyes.

While I really enjoyed the last episode, I will admit I did get a bit nervous that this Swamp Thing was going to be too far of a departure from what I have come to love about the character.   Those concerns disappear as Derek Mears is at the top of his game.  Mears proves to be more than just a stuntman, as I really believe he is Swamp Thing in that costume.  I had my concerns that Swamp Thing would be turned into a monstrous brute but with every second he is on screen it was like watching Alan Moore’s work come to life.  His voice, the compassion, his vocabulary, the control of the Green, it is damn near definitive.

The virus is spreading fast and the CDC is losing faith in Abby.  Caregivers are falling ill and antibiotics are barely keeping patients alive.  Abby seemly at the end of her rope decides she needs Alec’s notes and breaks into his lab.  This is where the show flexes its muscles.  This scene is best described as the perfect combination of Candyman and Swamp Thing, supernatural superhero horror at it’s finest.  Proving that the writers have done their homework and Swamp Thing is, in fact, DC’s version of a green Socrates.  The sympathy and the empathy that Swamp Thing had for his foe is a thing of beauty, proving to be more than muscle and a deep growl.  This felt like it was pulled from the pages of Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing.

Avery Sunderland is not as powerful as he led us to believe.  It’s actually Maria who is not only the money but also the person who is in charge behind the scenes.  Avery might be the face with the political connections but Maria is clearly in control.  It seems that their daughter’s death has taken a real toll on Maria leaving Avery with the opportunity to make some shady moves.   Thing’s are starting to collapse around Avery and he is starting to lose his cool.  He has Jason Woodrue in the hospital trying to find a way to cover his tracks from a medical standpoint keeping CDC and the government off the scent.

Swamp Thing continues to impress with every episode.  The SPFX, gore, and horror are top notch and will rival anything on the silver screen.  The twists and turns will keep any fan of suspense on the edge of their seat.

Swamp Thing and Abby are starting to form a relationship that will make any Swamp Thing fan proud.  Sure other DC couples steal the spotlight, Lois and Clark, Bat/Cat, Ollie and Dinah but there is a certain charm about Abby and Swampy, that impossible love that is building.

Great scares, wonderful suspense, body horror, true to the source material and a love story, Swamp Thing is proving to be more than just a horror show.  It is really building something.  I even have my mainstream reality TV watching girlfriend into this show.  It is really starting to become must-see TV every Friday! – Peter Verra



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