RUMOR: Andy Serkis Up For a Role in THE BATMAN?


As you see in this article’s title, I prefaced it with the word “RUMOR” and used a question mark at the end.

So, DO NOT take this as “Jett/BOF is saying that Andy Serkis has been cast in THE BATMAN!”

With that said, I have been told be two very good — and unrelated — sources that Andy Serkis is in the mix to join the cast of Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN.

In what role?  I’m not sure — but I’ll speculate on that here shortly.

Frankly, I think tying this actor to a film being directed by Matt Reeves is, well, very obvious due to Serkis playing Ceasar in the PLANET OF THE APES films since the final two installments of the trilogy were directed by Reeves.

On the other hand — past Reeves relationship or not — Serkis a very fine actor and would be absolutely perfect for…

That’s me speculating right there, for all of y’all playing at home.

The, um, word on the street is that they’re looking for an actor between the age of “20-40” for The Penguin who will be portrayed as a “Gotham City mobster” who is short, obese man with a long nose aside (2 out of those things can be taken care of by the makeup/costuming departments.)

Mr. Serkis is in his mid-50s, but whatever, right?  In fact, I don’t think Cobblepott should be in his 20s or 30s.

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I was also told that it was NOT going to be for a motion capture role, so I’m ruling out Clayface, Killer Croc, Man-Bat, or an Incredible Hulk-like version of Bane.

Since BOF isn’t in the “scoop game” (quit that BS well over a decade ago) and I very, Very, VERY rarely post stories about actors being rumored for roles in Batman movies (and there’s A LOT of BS being dished out lately), I sure as hell didn’t take posting such an article lightly — take that for what you will.

Back to what Bat-role this could be for Serkis, I’m on record saying — even prior to hearing he could actually be in the movie — he’d be perfect for The Penguin.  Just think of Serkis playing Oswald Cobblepott kinda-sorta like the character was depicted the ARKHAM video games.

The Penguin in ARKHAM CITY

Of course, he could also play just about any of the other rumored villains — The Riddler and The Mad Hatter — and be awesome.  Hell, I wouldn’t bat (pun intended) an eye if he ended being cast as Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, or Chief O’Hara (shoutout to BATMAN ’66 and Stafford Repp, yo) in THE BATMAN.

To be honest, though this apparently isn’t going to be a mo-cap part, this dude could be cast as the Batmobile and I’d go, “OK, fine.”

Post your thoughts in the comments section below, and keep those cards and letters coming! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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