The July 2019 BOF Mailbag #3


Welcome to the third BATMAN ON FILM Mailbag for July 2019. Thanks for all of your questions, and keep those cards and letters coming! CLICK HERE for the previous BOF Mailbag. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

Do you have any idea from what storylines [THE BATMAN] might use for inspiration?

JETT SAYS: If you follow me on Twitter, you know the answer to this question.

You seem to have a lot of insider information these days. Just curious, but what was the biggest “scoop” you had in years past that you never revealed, and you left as a surprise for us when the movie came out?

JETT SAYS: I’ve had inside info for 2 decades man!  And I get this inside info because folks know that I’m not going to reveal what they tell me on BOF.  Also, I’m not a “scooper” nor is BOF a “scoop site.”

With that said, I knew everything — and I mean EVERYTHING — about JUSTICE LEAGUE and hardly said a word other than the reshoots were significant (which was proven true).







JETT SAYS: Two things: 1) I don’t fan-cast, and 2) I never said anything about BP as JG.

JETT SAYS:  Well, the Batcave in THE BATMAN will most-certainly feature a Bat-computer, house the Batmobile (and other possible Bat-vehicles), and have a place where the Batsuit(s) is kept.  I think it would be cool to see the giant penny, the T-rex, etc. included, but I have no idea if Matt Reeves will be that “comic book accurate.”

Have you heard any actors being considered for Gordon?

JETT SAYS: I’ve been hearing things for 21+ years.

Jett, would a BATMAN BEYOND movie adaptation with Michael Keaton be something you would like to see?

JETT SAYS: I don’t hate the idea and wouldn’t be opposed to it.  However, as someone who is a fan of BATMAN BEYOND and would love to see a live-action film adaptation, I’d prefer it not be tied to any previous film and/or continuity.  Just let it be its own thing.

And I’m still a fan of the idea of Clint Eastwood as the aged Bruce Wayne.

[What is your] favourite DC animated movie?


JETT SAYS: OK, I’ll bite…

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox in THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY doesn’t count?

How about Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent in BATMAN ’89?  Frankly, that was pretty bold casting back in the late 80s.

Hell, Tim Burton cast Marlon Wayans as Robin in BATMAN RETURNS (though the part was cut from the film shortly before filming began).

With that said, I’m not sure if you are criticizing the previous solo Batman movies for a lack of, as you “acronymed” folk, if you will, in your question, or legitimately asking in regards to THE BATMAN.  In terms of the latter, I will say that the casting calls for THE BATMAN encourages people of all races, ethnicities, etc. to seek roles in the film.  Take that for what you will.

If Reeves actually shoots a trilogy, what are the chances of The Joker and the Bat-Family appearing?

JETT SAYS: I think The Joker and a Robin (preferably Dick Grayson) are both musts in terms of it to even be considered definitive.  Of course, you have to have Gordon and Alfred as they are also part of the Batman Family.  I do not think any characters outside of these four I mentioned is required.

JETT SAYS: The magic 8 ball says…

“Outlook not good.”

I agree.

What is one Batman story that you would love to see adapted — either strongly or loosely — for the big screen that hasn’t been told yet?

JETT SAYS: Not so much a story, but I think incorporating the Court of Owls into the storyline of a live-action Batman movie would be cool.  Maybe Matt Reeves thinks the same. 😉

Wonder when we will get an official pic of Patterson in the suit?!

JETT SAYS: My best guess is sometime shortly after filming starts, so early to mid-2020.  Now, if Matt Reeves plans to do a lot of location filming, I’d get one out before those cameras start rolling and make all spy pics moot.

Have you heard any actors being considered for Gordon?

JETT SAYS: A Gordon Ramsey biopic is in the works?  Hell, I figure one about the late great Anthony Bourdain would make for a better movie subject by adapting his book, KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL.

JETT SAYS: Paul Dekker’s time is past due sir.

I have been thinking of ways the new Batman films may be able to differentiate themselves from the previous incarnations and thought of an idea. What if 4-5 villains were introduced in the first film and some of them play a role in more than 1 film and perhaps someone (Joker?) can have a role in all 3 films, assuming it’s a trilogy. We’ve always had a new villain(s) in subsequent Batman films for the Burton/Schumacher/Nolan movies and this can be something different. what do you think, can it work? (via email)

JETT SAYS: Well, it certainly looks like there are several Bat-villains in THE BATMAN, so it’s likely that some will return in subsequent sequels.

If I’m Matt Reeves, while I’d hint at his existence in THE BATMAN and its direct follow-up, I’m saving The Joker for the 3rd and final movie.

JETT SAYS: There was a “wish list” of actors that the studio was interested in for the role.  Armie Hammer was on that list — as he should’ve been.  Not only is he physically suited for the role, but he’s also a damn fine actor as well.  BUT…

Matt Reeves wanted Robert Pattinson and that’s who he cast.  So we’ve got to give props to both Warner Bros. for allowing Reeves to cast the Batman of his choosing, and Reeves for being bold with his casting decision.

What aspects of Matt Reeves’ previous films did you like and dislike?

JETT SAYS: Both of his APES films moved me and made me cry.  That’s all I got.

JETT SAYS: I would not call BATMAN v SUPERMAN a total failure because it did, as you pointed out, make $873 million worldwide at the box office.  However, I would characterize it as a massive disappointment.

Speaking generally, BvS did not resonate with the audience and even alienated diehard fans — like yours truly.  Yes, some folks love it, but overall, people did not.

I will say if you pair BvS and JUSTICE LEAGUE together, it’s a total failure overall.  Thankfully, WB realized they F’ed up, made changes, and are moving forward with a DC on film that’ll have nothing to do with either.

With the consistent and overwhelming push to “release the Snyder cut,” do you reckon Warner Bros would have at least had a meeting to discuss the potential of such a thing?

JETT SAYS: A meeting to seriously consider it?


A meeting on how to deal with these people who call the studio “demanding” it be released?  Yep, and there’s a protocol on how to deal with ’em.

You realize that while they are loud, the number of people who want this is a piss in the ocean when compared to the overall audience.

Do any of you feel if WB does release the definitive Zack Snyder version of JUSTICE LEAGUE that it will at least give us a doorway into maybe an animated sequel or do you think we might get a flashpoint adapted from it? Curious about people’s thoughts.

JETT SAYS: First of all, WB is not going to release a ZS cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE.


So an animated or live-action sequel is moot point brother.

I highly recommend you read “The Sandwich Movement.”  Take a bite out of it HERE.

Have you heard any rumors of a potential title change for “The Batman” to anything else? I think they shouldn’t do that. This title is perfect.

JETT SAYS: Nope.  I’m pretty sure it’ll be titled THE BATMAN.

JETT SAYS: Personally, I’m really not thinking that far ahead because by the time we get to a third Batman movie following THE BATMAN, it’s going to be the 2030’s!  I will say that I suspect that WB will always make Batman movies, so we’ll see what happens when we get there, God-willing.

Pattinson has hair so should we expect him to wear a wig in the movie? 🤣 Now on my real question, WB used BATMAN BEGINS promos to make clear that it has nothing to do with the previous movies. Do you believe it’s going to be the same deal or cause that internet buzz is so strong nowadays they won’t bother?

JETT SAYS: Ben Affleck has good hair, so I still don’t get why they had him wear a damn wig as Bruce Wayne.  But I digress.

I don’t think Warner Bros. will run a flashing headline on THE BATMAN promos saying “This is a reboot and has nothing to do with Ben Affleck’s Batman!”  They’ll just promote and publicize the movie and it should be obvious to folks as the cast is new and everything — including Batman — will look different.

The goal of the studio is to make money from a film. The producers, directors, and actors all have varying reasons (other than money) to create and be involved in a film. What do you think are Reeves, Pattinson, and others motivations to pursue THE BATMAN?

JETT SAYS: Well, for Warner Bros., that answer is easy: Batman is their #1 IP and arguably the most popular comic book superhero of all time.  So making more Batman movies despite the BATMAN v SUPERMAN/JUSTICE LEAGUE debacle was a no-brainer.

As far as Matt Reeves’ motivations, he’s a lifelong Batman fan and I’m sure being able to write and direct a Batman film is a dream come true.

Finally, when it comes to why Robert Pattinson would sign on to play Batman, hell, it’s friggin’ BATMAN!

JETT SAYS: I didn’t have a clue about it until you asked me this question. So I looked into it…