The November 2019 BOF Mailbag #1


What will Reeves approach to Batman’s mythology be? Realistic style or with some pinch of fantastic/supernatural element?

JETT SAYS:  Well, he’s telling a grounded detective story that will include action, of course.  That tells me that he’s going for a more realistic take on Batman.  With that said, don’t expect THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY redux.  I’m quite sure it’s going to look and feel very different from what Nolan did.

What’s the difference in your level of excitement for Reeves’ Batman from the day he signed on to direct to now and knowing (most of) the cast, what tone he’s going for, his influences, etc.?

JETT SAYS: I was excited over Reeves getting the gig because 1) I’m a fan of his — loved his two APES films.  And, 2) His hiring meant that they were rebooting Batman on film.  So, I was excited from the get-go and it’s only increasing as we learn more about the film.

JETT SAYS: I’d like to see something original as opposed to a straight-up, or even inspired-by, interpretation such as YEAR ONE or GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT, respectively.

Another suggestion is to take a single-issue Batman story from the comics — say, “The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge” from BATMAN #251 (1973) for example — and turn the premise into a 90 minute animated film.

Do you think we’ll get a cloth Batsuit this time instead of rubber?

JETT SAYS: Cloth meaning tights?  No.  Cloth meaning something like a military-esque suit ala Captain America, I think that’s possible.  In fact, I wrote a whole op-ed on it.  CHECK IT OUT.

Does Reeves’ new Batman [movie] have to serve as an antidote to the previous incarnation that didn’t wholly work, or can it stand on its own? This feels different than the Nolan response to 1997.

JETT SAYS: I’d say it can be both.  Let’s be honest, shall we?  The incarnation of Batman in BATMAN v SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE was not beloved, divisive at best, and not really, well, liked by the mainstream audience.  So while I wholeheartedly believe THE BATMAN (and subsequent sequels) will stand on their own, it can also serve as a bit of a palate cleanser.

JETT SAYS: I don’t know man, I’m still waiting for THE SIXTH SENSE 2.

Is there an ETA on suit reveal?  Also, is there a “no guns, no killing” rule for this Batman? (Please, please, please!)

JETT SAYS: In regards to your first question, my educated guess is that we’ll get a look at Robert Pattinson in the suit early next year after filming has commenced.  As far as your second question, I’m going to go, ahem, out on a limb and say Reeves will not have Batman toting guns and murdering people.

What movies should we watch in prep for THE BATMAN?


JETT SAYS: I’ve been told by someone with intimate (albeit secondhand) knowledge that the suit will not include a cape, cowl, etc. that is “blue.”  It’s going to be black and could possibly include a dark blueish tint when hit with light, kinda like this…

It’s simply not going to look like this…

Would you be ok with a blue and gray suit?

JETT SAYS: Like the one directly above, hell no — it would look ridiculous in a live-action Batman movie that’s meant to be taken seriously.  If it’s something like the mock-up by John Regan shown in answer to the previous question, then yeah.

Lest we forget, Batman was never meant to be “blue” in the comics.  As I learned from Michael Uslan, the blue was used due to inking limitations back in the day — same as Superman’s black hair looking “blue.”

What kind of Batman theme are you hoping for in the music of THE BATMAN?

JETT SAYS: An awesome one that doesn’t riff on anything from the past…which it won’t.

JETT SAYS: One can hope.

Do you want to see pre- Two-Face Harvey Dent or full-blown Two-Face in Reeves’ film?

JETT SAYS: Personally, I’d rather see good guy D.A. Harvey Dent in THE BATMAN and then Two-Face in a sequel.  But apparently, he’s full-on Two-Face in the film.  We’ll see.

Do you think a Chevelle or the Grand Torino from STARSKY AND HUTCH the TV series would make a good Batmobile in THE BATMAN?

JETT SAYS: Give me a 1976 Camaro.

JETT SAYS: Since news of Colin Farrell joining THE BATMAN cast as The Penguin came in the same reports that Andy Serkis, I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen.  However, until Matt Reeves tweet-confirms it, it’s not “set in stone” just yet.

And yes, I think we’re going to get a couple of more Batman villains in the movie such as Two-Face, Firefly, and Mad Hatter…maybe even more.

Jett, how do you feel about Matt Reeves introducing a fully-realized CGI villain in the future. Such as Clayface or Man-Bat.

Hi Jett, I have a question that I am very curious to hear from you. With the success of JOKER, do you see Warner Bros. planning to do more DC one-off movies? Maybe a Superman one-off movie or a Lex Luthor one-off movie? What are your thoughts? Thanks and keep up the great work!

JETT SAYS: Why not and I think so, yes.

Jett, in the lead up to JOKER, you sometimes indicated that it may not be your cup of tea. What made you nervous during that build-up to the release, and what was it about the movie that alleviated those concerns?

JETT SAYS: I didn’t know if a violent, disturbing movie about the origin of The Joker would be something I’d like.  Then I saw the film and thought it was brilliant — especially with it’s ambiguous on purpose story.  Maybe we didn’t really see the origin of The Joker?

Hey Jett,

One aspect of the films I feel has taken a minimalistic approach has been that of the Batcave. What are your thoughts on seeing a more expansive Batcave in the Reeve films? I think it would be cool to see a more functional Batcave.

JETT SAYS: Yeah, I’d like to see a more traditional and functional Batcave with made a nod or two to the comics.  Giant penny, T-rex, maybe?  However, since this Batman will be in the early years of his career, I don’t think we’ll be getting a full-on, complete Batcave.

When Matt Reeves was hired to direct THE BATMAN, did WB and Matt know that Ben Affleck wouldn’t star in it and they wouldn’t put out the movie till 2021?


Dude, he was done before the end of 2016.  The only reason Reeves took the gig was that he was allowed to do a reboot and cast his own Batman.  And 2021 was always the most likely release date.

Are we going to get a different take on Alfred in THE BATMAN?

JETT SAYS: I do.  For one thing, Andy Serkis is younger than the previous actors who have played Alfred in a Batman movie.  Also, I think they may go for the “Alfred was once a badass” approach.