THE BATMAN Production on the Look for American Cars in Glasgow


According to the DAILY RECORD, a message was posted on a Facebook group called American Muscle Scotland saying that there was a need for American cars from the 1980s to the present day (2020s).  Apparently, they are needed for THE BATMAN‘s on-location shoot in Glasgow, Scotland on February 22nd 23rd.

I’m not sure that the difference in the age of the cars wanted means anything, but the different makes, models, and ages of the car could help give it a bit of a “timeless” feel.  With that said, the word is that THE BATMAN will have a “contemporary” setting.

It should be noted that since this filming will take place in a little less than 3 weeks, there’s a better than good chance will be getting an official look at the new Batmobile and Robert Pattinson decked out in Batman gear here very soon.

THE BATMAN is currently filming in the UK.  To get caught up on BOF’s coverage of the film, check out BOF’s Everything About THE BATMAN Page. – Bill “Jett” Ramey