BOF’s BATMAN TIMELINE – “Batman in 1943”

Batman on film begins!


APRIL: Villains Tweeledee and Tweedledum are introduced in DETECTIVE COMICS #74.


APRIL/MAY: Alfred the butler is introduced in BATMAN #16. The original version of Aflred (who’s first sir name was “Beagle,” not “Pennyworth”) was depicted as a short and portly as opposed to the tall and thin version we know best.

BATMAN #16 (1943)

JULY: Batman hits the silver screen for the first time in Columbia Picture’s 15-chapter serial titled THE BATMAN. Lewis Wilson and Douglas Croft starred as Batman and Robin respectively.

OCTOBER: Batman moves into the medium of the newspaper comic strips – which was considered more prestigious than monthly comic books at the time – with a daily strip titled BATMAN AND ROBIN.

NOVEMBER: Mortimer Drake, AKA “The Cavalier,” debuts in DETECTIVE COMICS #81 and goes on to become another recurring Bat-foe.